HYPERSCALE: CLOUD MATERIALITIES is a collection of two years of artistic research on the geopolitics of three data centers by Google, Facebook and Apple under construction in Denmark, along with a number of academic and philosophical essays. It was published in connection with the exhibition Hyperscale at Spanien19c, Aarhus, December 2nd, 2021.


In computing, hyperscale refers to architectures and systems that can be scaled as demand increases or decreases. This is often applied to big data or cloud computing applications, but the terms are carried into the physical realm, as hyperscale data centers are constructed following the same principles of scalability.

Through video, installation and sound, the exhibition Hyperscale presented a critical vision of the physical reality, which is the digital cloud. Focusing on the three hyperscale data centers which are currently under construction in Denmark, along with several others in planning, the exhibition examined the material aspects of the data abstraction, as it is currently under construction.


The publication collects a number of different contributions: an interview with Keller Easterling, “Digital clouds, fallout clouds” by Natalie P. Koerner, “Here, but mostly elsewhere” by James Maguire, “Systems of scale” by Jacob Remin & “Hypernoia” by Gustav Johannes Hoder.


Photos by Klaus Elmer Madsen & Julie Kristensen


Design by Agnes Balustrados

Printed on Munken Pure Rough 100gsm by Astrid Johansen & Maria Lima at Obra Press, Copenhagen

Special thanks: Mathilde Lesénecal, Halfdan Mouritzen, Benjamin Krog Asger Møller, Kim Grønborg, Asker Bryld Staunæs, Nicklas Devel, Daniel Møller Ølgaard, Alexander Munchenberger, Eva Sommer Hansen, and all who participated in the reading circle.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation & Aarhus Municipality


ISBN: 978-87-94134-02-6

Aleatorik, Copenhagen 2021